Tips on Creating a Successful Company Page on LinkedIn


There is a real power in LinkedIn Company Pages, and they are free for everyone to use.

For a few months now, I have been doing some Business development work for a company called Fluid Design and Construction. The company, run by Dave Coville Wright, focuses on creating fantastic interiors for temporary structures. Fluid work for the likes of DeBoer structures on a high class events and have also worked in extreme environments such as Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan. (Building a hotel)

Dave approached me a while back to help him with his web platforms which we did with both the Fluid site and the new TABS site. More recently we have been focusing on social media and how that can help develop the business. Fluid being very much B2B fits well with LinkedIn.

client network generation

David Coville Wright on site during the build at Kandahar Air Field

Dave has recently upgraded his profile  last weekend, and with his permission, I set about the company page this week. You can see it here.

client network generation

Fluid Temporary structure fit-out – Kandahar Hotel build

I have to say at the end of the process, I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved. It is amazing that you can effectively rebuild the content from your own website within the boundaries of LinkedIn.

This has some significant benefits. Not least the fact that LinkedIn is held in extremely high regard by Google. Any links coming back from LinkedIn to your site become quickly indexed within the search engines. By creating a company page and a product showcase for each product or service, you are enabled to link back to individual pages within your own website.

Everybody should do it.

Almost immediately the difference was tangible within LinkedIn search. Previously I have been frustrated when searching for Fluid using LinkedIn’s own search engine. It simply did not come up in results. Amazingly & with almost immediate effect, references to fluid appeared on the front page (including staff members) the moment we published the optimised Company Page.

I got a big buzz out of this and so decided to make a video which you will see above or on Youtube. It shows three different Company Pages, including Fluids, and compares the difference between making some effort in this area and not. The differences are stunning.

Only by taking advantage of a completely free opportunity, did we get the  quantum improvement in our ranking. Really it was from no where to the front page. I would urge you to consider the same.

If you need any help, then you know where I am.

Have a great week!

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The Big Shiny New Yellow Pages


Do you remember years ago when the yellow pages used to come to your town, call your business and ask you to place an advert? I am probably leaving some of our younger friends with a slight sense of confusion here, but  the fact was that pre the mid 90′s the Yellow Pages was just about the only show in town when you were trying to advertise your business.

client network generation
The Yellow Pages team descend on your town to sell the banner Ad’s


So where are they now??

Like many pre internet rocks of society, they are a fraction of what they used to be. There are numerous alternatives now and they cost very little, if anything at all.


client network generation
Find it fast on Yellow Pages


On that basis.. If  I were to tell you there is a business platform that serves some 238 Million people around the globe, that (if you know how) lets you connect with any single person in the whole network. I am betting you might want to take advantage of such a platform?

They say about themselves:

“The mission is to connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful. To achieve our mission, we make services available through our website, mobile applications, and developer platform, to help you, your connections, and millions of other professionals meet, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities or employees, work, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships and groups.”

If I also told you that unlike yellow pages, with a huge cost for their banner ad’s, that this platform will let you advertise yourself for nothing!

Would you be interested?

Finally, would you be surprised to find that most people when given the opportunity to place the banner ad, choose to take the equivalent of a line entry instead?

Thats Nuts, is it not?

Well, welcome to LinkedIn.

There is a solution you know, and I am going to share with you. I am making a series of short videos in the coming weeks that will show you how to get the banner ad profile and increase your standing in the biggest directory for business on the globe. LinkedIn.

I hear all kinds of reasons why people do not make the best of this free to use company or personal branding space.

  1. Not enough time,
  2. I don’t understand why I need to do it,
  3. I am no good with computers,
  4. LinkedIn is only for for getting a job isn’t it?
  5. I’m not into social media.

There is an answer you know and I am going to share great hints and tips as to how you can make the best of this free to use service. It will allow you to boost your self & your business moving forwards.

I even have a a sure fire answer for those of you who don’t have time, so please take a few minutes to make a big difference in your work and life.

Thanks for Watching


photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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How not to protect a football pitch



Real Oviedo 1- Sporting Gijon 0

Back in November 2012 I wrote an article which was entitled Real Oviedo 1- Taxman 0

It told the story of the fight for Real Oviedo. A football club and got into big trouble with the tax people of the government of Spain. The club realised it was staring down the barrel of the €2 million tax bill, a problem that became more serious when the initial club appeal raised a paltry €60,000.00


international partnerships


It was at this point that Real Oviedo started to get imaginative and opened the doors via social media and crowd sourcing. After appealing to peoples better nature the response was wholly remarkable with the club raising €1.4 million in just four days. A final wealthy benefactor made up the difference and the club was out of its tax problems.

The result from me is I am now the proud owner of  two shares a real Oviedo myself and it feels great to be part of the club. A good feeling for me and the club is happy in the knowledge that they have been saved.

The situation will not be allowed to happen again.


Not so for Sporting Gijon it appears!

On the 26th June  the Boss arrived in Gijon. All clubs like concerts as they make good returns for a one night event. It is however imperative that that they look after their core business of football and for the a stadium this comes down to one single thing

The Pitch


international partnerships


Bruce Springsteen is a stellar performer who comes with a lot of baggage. By that I mean about 500 tonnes of stage and a couple of 75 tonne cranes to get it up. As you might imagine this needs some careful consideration to ensure that you give Sporting Gijon’s pitch the absolute best chance of coming out of the concert in a usable condition.

I saw a picture this morning of the current pitch build and it made me shiver.


international partnerships


In the UK we have many years of experience in ground protection of pitches. Technology and systems have been designed and developed that can pretty much guarantee a successful event, whatever the weather and no matter what kind of heavy plant is needed to build the stage.

I  know that this kit exists in Spain.  100% FACT


international partnerships
Canvas is no way to respect a Professional football pitch..

You saw it in the post I wrote about Coldplay in the Vicente Calderon Stadium of Madrid last year

I also know that the company that provide it are based a stones throw way from the Stadium in Gijon.

You therefore have to ask your self why the Joint tourist authority  (Google translate will give you the idea of what is going on here!) of Gijon decided it would be a good idea to put Gijon’s pitch at risk by electing to use some tatty wood boards and some tent canvas to cover the pitch.

The last time that solution was used was probably when the Grateful Dead were playing!

Who ever told them that was a good idea!?!

There is very little science in what they are doing and I don’t know if Gijon have an underground pitch irrigation system. I would imagine their groundsman is on holiday and currently having kittens about what is happening to his most valuable asset; the pitch!


international partnerships



There is the potential for a big drama here once the show is over that could cost the club a massive amount of cash to put right. I am guessing you would agree that this is a stupid thing to do if there is a workable, trusted and credible solution to hand.

We await the results to come.

I hope that Gijon don’t lose their biggest match of the closed season!

photo credit: Alex Hempton-Smith via photopin cc

Dyslexia meets Cate Blanchett


A Chance Meeting on the Filmset of Elizabeth

A Podcast with Graham Fordham

I believe our podcast is one of the best I have done. Please take the time to listen in, and do let me know what you think. I hope you find it inspiring.

Listen to the Podcast here….

And so it came to be.

In 1998 I ran into a someone who was going to end up a great friend. Through thick and thin and lasting now over 20 years, Graham Fordham is a film industry veteran who has worked on some of the biggest movie productions during that time.

He also happens to be dyslexic. A big impact on anybodies life, and I now know that Graham has struggled to deal with it over the years. We met for the first time at Shepperton Studios on the set of Elizabeth.

Or at least in the bar.


business network generation international partnerships client network generation

The film adaption of Elizabeth produced in 1998, starring Cate Blanchett

Charitable Intent

Graham is confident, a great talker (as you will now know!) and someone who has achieved a lot in his time. He is now going to set up a charity that supports and highlights the good (& bad) about Dyslexia. Adopting and promoting technology aids that are developing fast, as we are all aware. The aim will also focus on helping out young and old to understand, adapt, improvise and improve life’s quality along the way.


business network generation international partnerships client network generation

Graham Fordham on the far left. Me in the baseball cap.. Funny old day!


People that  lived with Dyslexia include Einstein & Churchill. Part of the reason that I started this post was watching a BBC documentary on Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart can drive and shoot like a champion.

He just cant read a book.

Two nights ago I watched a TV show that paid homage to the career of the Formula 1 driver, Jackie Stewart Interviewed by TV Chef James Martin, it soon became clear that both of them are dyslexic. Something I was previously unaware of.

What was really interesting was the fact that both had some what obviously struggled at school, before finding other outlets for their undoubted underlying raw talent.

This video is part of the program.. (As a note it is blank for the first minute.. starts around 1m 13 secs)



Watching this reminded my about Graham and his cause. I hope that you find this as interesting as I have and we will keep you in touch with our progress moving forward..

Some further research revealed to me there is an overlap between Dyslexia and other developmental problems such as dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia overlap and often co-exist in the same person. Dyspraxia is an impairment of the organisation of movement that is often accompanied by problems with language, perception and thought. Dyslexia is primarily a difficulty with learning to read, write and spell and is often accompanied by other other problems such as poor organisational skills.

Will keep you in touch!

Have a great week all!



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High security fencing hits a new Level

How to protect a high security event with a big Metal Fence

For a number of years I have been looking into metal fences used for secure perimeters. The main reason for this was to look at permanent installations for big corporations, or governments to use in the protection of Critical National Infrastructure. (CNI)

At the top end, this equipment will stop a 7.5 tonne truck at at 50mph. As you might imagine, the fences we are talking about can be extremely robust and when seen in action are highly impressive. It used to be the case that these systems (by virtue of what they needed to do!) were made of steel and concrete.


strategic business development

HRSF Example set up


Consequently for a temporary applications, they were considered too heavy and logistically challenging to make much sense. Certainly not the sort of thing that you might use at your average  event. That is ofcourse unless you are talking about an olympics, or G8 level of budget. In the UK we have a publicly owned secure fencing system known as the National Barrier Asset. Managed and operated by Sussex Police, it is bought out for the big occasions.

Recently I have come across a really interesting innovation known as HRSF. A light weight solution that may be a game changer for secure event fencing at the higher end. The system is accredited to PAS 68: 2010 and is a CNI required installation for certain sensitive utility sites in the UK. The capability is the same as the high end permanent solutions, but the the difference is the HRSF system is completely flat-packable and is extremely light weight by comparison. Once on site it is a very quick install and literally uses builders sandbags to secure and stabilise the system.

No additional pinning or support are needed for this free standing secure system and as the video shows you can install HRSF to stop a Truck if needed. The front edge of the fence has a very narrow gauge mesh that makes it virtually impossible to get a grip. Indeed, if the assailants do find away to get some traction the HRSF system is designed to bend and flex making it impossibly difficult to get past.

HRSF has been developed with the sole purpose to establish the optimum level of security needed to keep people on the desired side of any perimeter. At up to 3.6 metre’s high and about as secure as it gets, HRSF is also extremely quick to deploy. It can be transported in large quantities in flat pack form, to then be build on site. Ballast is generally sourced close to the point of deployment.


strategic business development

Quick install system


A 3 man team with one fork lift comfortably deployed an 8 metre section in less than 10 minutes, when I visited a demonstration recently. I also understand that there is work ongoing to develop a mechanical deployment system that will enable super fast deployment over long distances.

The bigger version of the system (Concertina used by defence forces can deploy hundreds of metre’s in a matter of seconds.. Check out below If you wish to know some more about HRSF, please do drop us a line at Temporary Flooring Solutions dot com, or drop me a line on

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Solutions on a Grand Scale


Temporary Infrastructure for International sporting events

A different way of thinking



Large scale events by their very nature are complex projects to fulfil. Vast numbers of commodities and services, that all need to come together to make it happen.

The scale of construction, operations and logistics lend toward detailed process maps for organisers to follow. This can take place over a number of years in order to meet the deadline of an opening ceremony, or event start date.

For some of the biggest sporting events this can be biannual, or every four years.  The timeline from the announcement of a winning bid, to opening event, can be as much as seven years in the making.


strategic business development
Small installation at a big event


The point of engagement for external temporary venue infrastructure comes some way down the time-line and has arguably  come too late to be effective.  Restrictive practices in procurement procedures can negatively impact the quality and cost effectiveness of systems delivery.

The end result can be higher levels of spend to remedy poorly advised, or rushed late decisions to plaster over the cracks.

So lets look back at recent experience we went through in the UK, during a recent global sporting event.

The sporting event was around 6 weeks away from the opening night. It  had a core sporting centre supported by a number of external venues for different events. The main construction of permanent facilities had been completed in good time. This left the temporary overlay infrastructure required, to make the external very temporary venues fit for purpose.

strategic business development
Temporary Overlay during construction

The procurement process was painfully slow, for an event that was clearly going to need massive support from private sector suppliers to make it work.

The very first public engagement made by the organising body some 5 previously, had shown a strong willingness from the event sector  to take up the challenge. The heartfelt request from industry was to allow sufficient time in the process, for the supply companies to make “capex decisions” , that would in turn allow for the supply of the desired infrastructure.

In real terms this did not happen and decisions were made came late in the process. Very late.

To an outsider it will appear that weight was given to the commercially cheapest options. Also, that some of these decisions were taken by personnel who did not fully understand the system restrictions and capabilities. This could be construed s a simplistic view and you could guess that other pressures were at play. The fact remains that some fairly strange decisions got made, and the nearer we got to the event, the stranger some of those decisions got!

The end result in our particular case meant that we were charged to find a vast amount of equipment some six weeks out from the event start date. To give an idea, the quantity of vehicle accessible road needed was in the region of 55,000m2. An almost impossible task for a normal year, but the scale of this singular event made the task extremely challenging.

In the end our team was able to locate around 35,000m2. In conjunction with the prime contractor, we were able to create a workable delivery schedule for 6 different UK venues, over a 7 week period.

Albeit the operation was a complete success, we believe that the cost of the exercise was considerably greater than needed. Previously awarded contracts for under performing equipment (on the face of it cheaper options) had to be renegotiated. And the clock did not stop ticking!

Venues I had visited 5 years earlier, with plans that had not changed in that time, were being finalised within days of requirement for delivery. (and weeks away from the opening events)

So what’s to be done then?

You can look at this sort of thing and be put off by the scale of the whole. It is easy to take on the mind-set that you cant make make a dent in it. You may take a view that it has always been this way, and no one will ever make a decision for positive change.

Alternately you can raise your head above the parapet and at have a go. At Temporary flooring Solutions we believe that the status quo is there to be challenged. Both Martin and I made a difference in 2012 and will do our best to advise those that wish to listen to what we have to say.


We believe in challenging existing norms and finding the route  to solve the problem, rather than deflect it for later

Welcome to Temporary flooring solutions dot com! We look forward to working with you




These are my Credentials

IFS Media are delighted to announce that Jeff Little OBE will be our first Author published on the Kindle Platform. “These are my Credentials” will be a series of short stories that will entertain and shock you on occasions. We hope you enjoy them.

Publication date will be announced on this site shortly!

If you wish to contact Jeff please drop an email on or via comments section on this page.

About the Author

Brigadier J (Jeff) Little OBE MBA CGIA FICPEM

strategic business development

Jeff Little OBE

Jeff Little joined the British Army in 1974 and served for 33 years following a wide and diverse first career seeing service in Hong Kong, Germany, the Middle East, USA, Gibraltar and throughout the UK.

During his service as a military logistician and planner, he was involved in OPERATION FRESCO – the fire fighters strike, the UK’s foot and mouth disease outbreak, the Gulf War of 1989/90 (OPERATION GRANBY), the Balkans War in 1995 including the siege of Sarajevo and the ensuing hostage situation, the massacre at Srebrenica, Kosovo in 2000 and the planning for armed services involvement in a wide range of emergencies both at home and abroad.

On leaving the Army, Jeff went to work for Universal Engineering, a UK defence supplier, and is currently working in the the field of Security auditing. Jeff enjoys life and writes for the pure enjoyment of it.

“These are my Credentials” is Jeff’s first published book and will run as a series of short “Military tales of the unexpected”

You can get in touch with Jeff by visiting the IFS Media web site


These are My Credentials

strategic business development

Conspiracy theories abound whenever secrecy prevails.  Did man really land on the moon in 1969?  Did an alien spaceship really crash land at Roswell, New Mexico in 1974?  Do the Illuminati really want to impose a New World Order to rule over mankind?  The answer to these and many other questions will probably never be satisfactorily answered in some minds.

This series of quick-fire short stories will take the reader on a journey from the green heartlands of Hampshire where tranquillity is suddenly shattered by tribal jealousies, resulting in attempted murder on a bedroom door.  We will visit the blistering heat of the Arabian Desert where perhaps one of the most amazing and complex cover ups of recent times was sold to an unsuspecting group of British soldiers.

They will range in time and space from the grey skies of Belfast to the lush jungles of the Far East.  We will take your imagination back to battles of the Second World War and into the infernal fire-grounds of blazing oil wells which represent one of the most insane acts of vindictiveness in the history of the World.

Whether all of these tales represent the truth, are purely fiction or are simply an embellishment of the basic facts is for you to decide.  But what if vehicle technology was responsible for bringing down a jet-liner near London?  What if the most up to date systems of maritime protection failed miserably just when they were needed?  What if the Second World War was almost extended by years because of a hangover?

Who knows what dark and deadly secrets lie behind the facade of a government’s spin?




IFS off to Dubai for Tetra World Congress 2012

Tetra World Congress 2012

client network generation

client network generation

Tetra Congress


It is a pleasure to report that Geostrut will be exhibiting at the TetraWorld Congress in Dubai. The congress takes place on 15-17 May 2012 and will be represented by Tony Burton and John Davy.

Tony is the Geostrut representative in Dubai and the UAE as a whole. Tony has decades of experience on telco installations in the UK and the Middle East. On the stand Tony will be joined by keri Burton and John Davy MD of Geostrut UK (International Facilities and Sourcing Ltd.)

client network generation

John Davy

The TETRA World Congress, a meeting place of the international crisis communications community. TETRA is a standard solution for groups that use private or professional mobile radio or public access mobile radio technology. It is important in the areas of law enforcement and public safety, where fast and accurate field communications to and from a central office or dispatcher are often critical.

Geostrut is well placed to be of use to users of Tetra systems and we are pleased to be able to launch the Geostrut range at this well subscribed and visited show.

If you are going to the show, please drop us a line. It would be great to talk.


Round up – The International Facilities and Sourcing Easter term report

business network generation international partnerships

John Davy

Want to know what’s going on? This!

It has been and interesting / busy time of year for the International Facilities and sourcing (IFS) team. By team, I on the whole mean John Davy! I am the main driver of the business, with some great support from co-owner Ian Turner and our friends in Saudi Arabia, Jo Otayek and Khaled Fawaz.

business network generation international partnerships
John Davy & khaled Fawaz Saudi Security show Al Khobar KSA 2012

Since the beginning of the year a number of important developments have occurred. Firstly, in the beginning of January we relocated from Sussex to Norfolk. It might not sound like a lot, but it meant that we were truly independently for the first time in three years, having had a couple of interesting years in the company of TSG

The early year activity for IFS came in the Middle East. A trip was organised to take in several cities in the region, including Dubai Jeddah Riyadh & Cairo. This trip was fascinating, and involved getting face to face with a number of leading companies in the region. By way of example Arabtec, Saudi Bin Laden Group, Mansour Group and Sky Group in Cairo

As a direct result of this visit, some three weeks later, IFS and sister company MEFAS (Middle East Facilities and Sourcing) were invited by the Mansour Group of companies to attend the SSS conference in Al Khobar. On this occasion we were able to introduce a new supply company into the mix, Hesco Bastion.  This has been a great development that would appear to have an great deal of potential.

The results of these combined regional visits are starting to show through, with enquiries and opportunities to bid on projects in the region. In addition we have two potential sub dealers for Geostrut in Burton Trading and Sky Group

And so onto Geostrut

Active operations with Geostrut started in earnest in January 2012, having made an agreement with Geostrut USA to operate on their behalf in the UK, Middle East and other areas. The interest in this brand new carbon fibre technology has been nothing short of remarkable.

business network generation international partnerships

Geostrut Mast technology

The Geostrut UK  blog came on line this month. It will be updated with product developments and progress reports. It is not often that I have worked with a product that has been so well received as Geostrut has. If 10% of the interest we are getting converts to orders this year, then we will have a fine start to proceedings.

Meetings with companies including Optilan and E-tricity have bought to our attention sizable projects in both the UK, and Africa. Keith Bryce at Optilan has been particularly helpful in pointing me in the right direction to speak with other interested parties. One of these was Tony Burton who is resident in Dubai. Tony has a world of experience in telecommunications and has been very enthusiastic in his approach.  We look forward to making progress in the region with Tony’s company in the coming months and will be attending the Tetra Telecom world conference in May to further this aim


The third area of development for IFS, is building our online presence. This works on a number of levels. You are clearly reading this update on the IFS blog. We also have a previously mentioned new site for GeoStrut. I also have the online vehicle that is BizNetworkGuy.

BizNetworkGuy is a content driven blog. In reality, it is the model for how I live my life, and certainly my method of working. I grow my business by operating practices of networking and what can be described as a consultative sales approach. The main aim is to build and maintain relationships. I adhere to the idea that people buy from people, and that relationships are the critical factor to making this work.

business network generation international partnerships

Meeting Chris Borgan at Social Media world Forum (London)

In previous times I have worked in industries that operate in a different way, such as automotive and financial services. On occasions, they use selling techniques that back people into a corner they can’t get out of. In my view this generally leaves your customer with a bad taste in the mouth.

There is a massive difference between someone buying into an idea rather than being sold the same idea. It is all a matter of satisfaction and then the likelihood to repeat. If they buy, the chances of return and repeat are far greater.

BizNetworkGuy gives help and advice on how to be a better networker. The blog has articles that are hopefully entertaining and that have a point. We are working on Podcasts and other multimedia content. We review “tools and apps” that can help you out in day to day business.

My stated aim is to have 10,000 subscribers to BizNetworkGuy. I will be looking into opportunities for public speaking engagements on networking, and also have enquires to do blog development work for other business.

In the last year I have gained great experience with regard to understanding the connection between human networking and business operating on the digital platforms. The theories of the thank you economy and rise of social media can be ignored at your peril. Our aim is to help people understand and adopt the systems that will help them keep up, and make the best of this fast developing world.

Please come and take a look at the Biznetworkguy blog. If you enjoy it you can sign up to a weekly update mail.

Thanks for reading  JD

MEFAS Middle East visit

I would like to give you a quick review of the last few weeks; and a hint of what is to come.

Since I last posted I have been to the Middle East and back and as of tomorrow night the 1st March I am once again heading out to the GCC region to take part in SSS Arabia, a security industry trade show being held in Al Khobar.  This show has a number of high profile exhibitors and includes representatives of a number of Government security and defence organisations.

The best part of this new visit is that it is as a direct result of invitation from one of the companies we visited on the last trip to Riyadh.

Also during the trip we were lucky enough to have Jeff Burke from ES Global and Phil Woodman from Modular and Volumetric join us at different points on the journey. All were received well with Jeff meeting up with Arabtec, Saudi Bin Laden and Sela Sport. Feedback has been great and two live jobs are now under consideration.


Saudi Bin Laden Projects include the huge development at Makkah

Phil came to Cairo meeting up with Deyar Construction for two days of site visits and useful discussion. The sheer scale of Cairo is difficult to take in and our visit came at a time of distinct unrest. However we were once again very well received and extremely well looked after for the duration of the visit.


One of the great places to visit in the worlld - Pyramids @ Giza

Egypt has a stated aim to construct 700,000 units of accommodation each year. Currently and in part due to the political and social situation they are falling well short. The ethos and objectives of M & V will fit well and should really be a great part of the solution in days to come

Also in the last few weeks Geostrut has taken some great strides both in the UK and the Middle East. Craig Barker CEO of Geostrut USA joined me in Egypt to meet up with a couple of Local prospective dealers. In the event we found some great people to work with at SkyGoup, Cairo and we look forward to moving ahead shortly.

Back in the UK I have hooked up with an old acquaintance in Simon Gillett. Simon is probably best known for his time as owner of Donnington Park Raceway with a contract to stage the F 1 race for the next 15 years. Ultimately it was not to be and Simon has moved on to other business interests.

We have found some common ground on a number of projects that Simon is working on and International Facilities and sourcing will be working to support some of the upcoming projects. One of these a Street lighting contract in Ghana is of possible benefit to GeoStrut to create the lamp posts. Solar powered arrays will charge on board batteries providing street lighting for all whilst not impacting on the countries National Grid. Great project, hope it takes off.